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Living in the busy lifestyle of Hong Kong, smoldered beneath the stress of working long hours and breathing in the heavily polluted air, Ben and Winnie, the founders of NZManuka, become increasingly conscious about their health.

Born and raised in Australia, thus well acquainted with the benefits of Manuka honey, Ben decided to start their pursuit of health with this “Liquid Gold”.  Realizing how over-priced the average-quality honey products are in Hong Kong, the two embarked on a site-visit to New Zealand, finally setting their eyes on the local company Manuka South.

After months of testing out the products themselves, they came to the conclusion that Manuka South’s honey are of premium quality.

Sharing Manuka South’s vision of wanting to inspire, enable and empower people to live healthy, happy lives, Ben and Winnie decided to set up NZManuka so as to share Manuka South’s authentic and trust worthy honey products with everyone in Hong Kong, so that everyone can enjoy the health benefits brought along by Manuka honey.

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Premium Products from Manuka South

Manuka South is produced by the New Zealand Health Food Company. Since 1988 they have worked closely with reputable beekeepers to ensure that the rare Manuka honey is sustainably sourced from beehives in remote and pristine areas of New Zealand. With almost three decades of well-maintained relationships, these beekeepers will provide the company with some of the finest Manuka honey harvested in New Zealand every year.  This ensures your enjoyment of an authentic product with consistent taste every time.

All Manuka South’s honey is packed under UMF® license number 1053. The company understands that quality is of utmost importance, and insists that every batch of their product is independently verified by Analytica Laboratories Limited—an officially accredited IANZ and UMF® laboratory that uses the most up-to-date testing equipment technologies to guarantee the standard of Manuka South’s honey products. You can be rest assured that every bottle you purchase is authentic and of the highest quality.