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Manuka Honey
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It is the honey that Bees collect from the nectar of the Manuka Bush (Leptospermum scoparium). The Manuka Bush is only found in the pristine hills of New Zealand. The indigenous people have long been using the honey of this precious plant to prevent infections and hasten the healing of wounds.

In recent years, there are many medical researches that prove that Manuka honey has strong antibacterial powers. It is especially beneficial in alleviating indigestion, and relieving the effects of severe digestive diseases. It is also effective when applied to the skin in reducing inflammation and enhancing regrowth.

As something we put in our body or applied onto our skin, quality is of utmost importance. Manuka South is manufactured under license #1053, which is issued by the UMF honey association. This is your guarantee that every bottle you purchase has been tested to meet the highest standards.

For almost three decades, Manuka South has partnered with local beekeepers to bring you the finest Manuka honey harvested. This ensures your enjoyment of an authentic product with consistent taste every time.

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